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Solutech, Inc.

The Internet is:

The Internet is not:

The Internet is comprised of:

A Brief History

A Technology Overview

A Network

The OSI Model


OSI Application Messages

The Internet Protocol

IP Addressing


Domain Name Services



The World Wide Web

“Home Pages”

Internet Tool Examples

Hacking Tool Examples

The OSI Model


Routing Protocols

Routing Concerns

Domain Name Servers

Security Summary


Selecting a Firewall

Security Policy Development

A Security Policy is:

Network Security . . . . A Journey, not a destination.

Security Decisions

Fundamental Premise

Identify Resources

Ask Yourself

Identify the Threats

Network Use & Responsibilities

Plan of Action

Identify and Prevent Security Problems

Publicize the Policy

Additional Administration

Disaster Planning

Security = Disaster Planning

Who’s in charge?

Reading Materials

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