The NEbraskaCERT Conference:
August 14, 2007
at the Peter Kiewit Institute's
Scott Conference Center
Omaha, NE USA
2007 Schedule
(ISC)2 Exams

9:00-10:15 10:30-11:45 11:45-12:45
2:00-3:15 3:30-4:45
Track A

Contiental Breakfast
What to after you find the smoking gun? or Fraud Interview Techniques
Reach out and touch someone:  Telephone Interviewing Techniques


Dr. Blaine Burnham
Basic Cell Phone and PDA Forensics
Live Response for Windows Systems

Track B
Reading Hex Packets Version 2.0
Playing with Network Captures
Managing Business Partner Risks
Reassembling the Onion: Event and Log

Track C
Identity and Access Managment Technologies
Metrics for Information Security Management
Basic Linux Security - Part 1
Basic Linux Security - Part 2

Track D
Spyware and Targeted attacks
Outsourcing: Financial Dream or Security Nightmare
PCI/DSS, Current Developments
Hacking 432: A Discussion of Advanced Techniques

Wednesday  & Thursday
Optional NSA IAM Training
Friday & Saturday
Optional NSA IEM Training